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SAP CRM Offering

Biz*Innovators mySAP CRM is a Solution that not only offers the right functionality, but is easy to implement and operate. The solution comprises of predefined business processes that address relevant business needs and serve as building blocks for easy deployment and a fast, modular approach to implementation. mySAP CRM addresses a company's entire CRM needs by delivering the most complete support available for multi-channel, collaborative solutions across the full, closed-loop customer interaction cycle. Our mySAP CRM solution supports marketing planning, campaign management, lead management, marketing analytics, customer segmentation, personalization, and channel-specific marketing operations.
Biz*Innovators delivers functionality across the complete life cycle, supporting such enterprise-wide capabilities as real-time inventory tracking, contract management, billing management, financials management, fulfillment visibility, and order tracking. The solution supports ongoing customer care and service across all channels by delivering customer interaction centers and Web-based customer self-service capabilities, service and claims management, field service management and dispatching, and installed base management functionality.


CRM Toolkit for SAP

Powered by mySAP CRM, this Toolkit covers all the key processes in Mobile Sales, Customer Interaction Center, Marketing and Internet Sales.  This offering contains a comprehensive set of reusable components, packaged to be quickly delivered to a client for demonstrations, project training and user-support purposes.  The toolkit is aimed at those enterprises requiring a quick implementation with a limited initial investment.

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