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SAP Discovery System for Enterprise SOA

A Complete HP Solution to evaluate enterprise SOA

Businesses are facing increased demands to cut costs and react faster to change.  IT is under pressure to reduce the cost of maintaining solutions, freeing up valuable capital to support Innovation.  To gain all the benefits that enterprise SOA affords your business, you will need as flexible, high performance infrastructure.  And most importantly, you need a proven path to get you there.

HP and SAP are building over a decade relationship to provide companies around the globe with a one-stop source for the solutions and products they need to maximize the value of data in a dynamic business climate.  The SAP Discovery System for Enterprise SOA is a packaged solution that provides you a ready to use SOA environment that you can test drive today.

The SAP Discovery System includes several other business scenarios to further enhance the development learning experience.  These include the following:

  Request for new supplier master data
  Request for quotation approval
  Production order rescheduling
  Store-specific maintenance of consumer prices
  Strategic Investment buy simulation.

In Addition, a number of analytical scenarios which are part of the SAP xApps composite applications for analytics are provided with SAP Discovery System


Key Benefits:

  Cost effective and innovative prototype hardware available in partnership with Intel and HP.
  Hands-on experience with a practical example of an service-enabled composite application showcasing both today’s technology and upcominh solutions including SAP Analytics.
  Based on SAP best Practices
  Fully documented configuration
  Detailed guidance to re-deploy scenarios or key content in your own development environments spanning mySAP ERP and SAP NetWeaver Solutions.
  Proven business processes and knowledge
  Accelerated team learning and experience
  Fully documented prototype and development environment with a working examples to evaluate
  Complete composite application code provided
  Increased skills and experience with enterprise SOA to accelerate time to value.
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