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Cross-Application (xApps) Solutions

SAP believes that Cross-Applications will be one of the primary revenue growth engines in the future, and Biz*Innovators is well positioned in this space. xApps are applications that sit on top of SAP’s existing applications and technology platform.  They are composite applications that facilitate collaboration across enterprises integrating people, process, information and technology.  Biz*Innovators views these cross-applications as strategic to our SAP practice and will invest appropriately.


SAP xApps

At Biz*Innovators SAP xApps solutions are a new breed of packaged composite applications that snap-on to an existing (heterogeneous) IT environment to orchestrate new, cross-functional business processes.


The five key characteristics of SAP xApps with Biz*Innovators are:

  Cross Functionality
  Collaborative nature
  Closing the loop dataset
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