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SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe : Overview : Our Support and Implementation

SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe was first shipped with SAP NetWeaver '04 and mySAP ERP 2004.  Furthermore, it is possible to change the layout of the form using the Adobe LiveCycle Designer, which is fully integrated into the development environment, and integrate a print form into an application program.

SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe is a technology delivered as part of the SAP NetWeaver platform.  Designed by SAP and Adobe to bridge the gap between people's intuitive comfort with paper forms and the flexibility of Web and enterprise technologies, it explores how SAP and Adobe collaborate to provide state-of-the-art forms technology.

This technology can increase business agility by automating and streamlining paper-based processes and extends core systems to thousands of users both inside and outside the firewall. With the reach of Adobe Reader, SAP customers can further enhance data capture and streamline the dissemination of business-critical document processes leveraging the power of Adobe PDF and XML. And, since the delivery of SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe is part of the SAP NetWeaver open integration and application platform, all SAP applications can take advantage of this Web-services enabled technology. We implement and architect how easy form design for data capture can be today, and how it can leverage Web services calls over the Internet.

Increasing User Productivity: End-to-End Processes and Interactive Forms: 

In SAP NetWeaver, SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe help organizations create online and offline Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) forms. In conjunction with SAP Guided Procedures these Interactive Forms are integrated into business processes. We help to implement end-to-end processes, including Guided Procedures and Interactive Forms, and highlighting user productivity benefits.

Using Forms in Workflows and Guided Procedures

We help to integrate SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe into a human process using SAP NetWeaver.  The possible integration scenarios are:

  Online Interactive Forms in SAP Business Workflow
  Offline Interactive Forms in guided procedures.

Interactive Forms in Web Dynpro for Java: A New Way of Accessing Your ABAP Back End

SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe allows the moving of paper-based forms processes to the system without losing the end user. The Java integration of Adobe technology offered in SAP NetWeaver Application Server enhances the user's interaction with the system.

We help to integrate an Interactive Form into a Web Dynpro application that accesses an ABAP transaction. We can easily take part of your business process offline and still guarantee an accurate update of system data.

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