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SAP Portal - Service Offering

Enterprise Portals are revolutionizing the corporate desktop by replacing the windows based, single user interface with a web-based collaborative interface.  Today, portals provide “at the glass integration” and a single point of entry to all information, people and tools a person needs to do his/her job in time sensitive fashion.  At Biz*Innovators, SAP Portal Solution provides clients to achieve high performance business accomplish access to an appropriate range of information, applications or tools, for a particular purpose.

Biz*Innovators SAP Portals Solution and Methodology are meant to:

    Create an integrated desktop environment from isolated programs.
    Provide a personalized interface for each user based on their role which is key.
    Serve as the point of delivery for aggregated services Integrate advanced collaboration capabilities in the organization.
    Connect different audiences: business (B2B), customers (B2C), employees (B2E) through different channels: web (Internet/Intranet), phone (voice, wireless Portals) using a common technical architecture.
    SAP Portal Upgrade Roadmap

Biz*Innovators Capabilities Portal Implementation

    Portal Methodology
    Framework for planning through to deployment, giving a full breakdown of tasks and appropriate inputs, deliverables and outcomes.
    Business Case developer
    Portal value framework
    Project Estimating Model
    Cost Breakdown Structure
    Work Breakdown Structure
    Project Plans
    Blueprint for architecture and performance tuning
    Sizing model
    Network model

Implementation Key Message: 

Biz*Innovators combines a structured approach to planning the project with a flexible approach to development

    Structure:  A detailed project Work Breakdown Structure can help to ensure all areas of project work are considered
    Flexibility:  Rapid development can allow iteration of design and build in response to test user feedback.
    Minimize customization: Building functionality in a different way can reduce effort, to use elsewhere
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