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SAP  Solution Manager

At Biz*Innovators SAP Solution Manager is considered to be the central platform for efficient implementation and operation of SAP solutions.

At Biz*Innovators capabilities of implementing SAP Solution Manager are:

  Ensuring reliability of Biz*Innovators SAP solutions with reduced risks, higher performance, and more robustness
  Providing openness to integrate non-SAP software into the scope of solution management
  Presenting a holistic View of the solution (connecting business aspects with technical aspects)
  Reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (Initial Set-up, Implementation, Operations, Continuous Change)

We have seen Benefits of implementing SAP Solution Manager at various clients successfully in past which are as follows

  Accelerated implementation projects
  Efficient project handling at our clients.
  Centralized control of cross-component implementations
  Integrated documentation management solution.
  Seamless information integration between project phases
  Integration of non-ABAP and non-SAP
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