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Strategic Road Map : Market Differentiators : BITS Methodology

The key differentiator of Biz*Innovators Methodology with respect to Innovation is that we supplement the sales and delivery assets and tools within our robust capabilities in planning, managing and operating large-scale change programs.  These include a key focus in the areas of Diagnosis and Business Strategy, Journey and Program Management, Business and Technology Architecture, Value Realization, Business Process Redesign and Human Performance and Organizational Design.

It provides a flexible approach for applying the right methodology components, depending on the scope of the solution to be delivered.  This enables our project teams to work with clients to define the primary roadmaps, which are driven by BITS Methodology —and leverage all applicable accelerators and delivery assets.

Biz*Innovators has developed its own toolkits for implementations known as BITS - based on the experiences from multiple projects and in-line with lessons learned - which streamlines costs and timelines associated with the Implementation of Innovative solutions.

Our BITS Methodology has also been tailored to provide additional Roadmaps and Accelerators for other software solutions common to many large-scale SAP change and integration programs, including point solutions such as DUET


Competitive Positioning

Benefits – Innovation Delivery excellence at low risk

With Biz*Innovators best practices helping to plug-in your Innovative solution, you get thought leadership and delivery excellence like no other. At Biz*Innovators, several components come into play to optimize your IT investment and mitigate the risk inherent in large-scale implementations:


Deep Industry Knowledge : Proven Methodology : Rigorous PM

Across over hundred professionals dedicated to Biz*Innovators various Industry Practices.  Best People – some of the deepest expertise in the world. 

Honed from over 10 years of delivering large, complex programs, including BITS Methodology extensions developed specifically for SAP.  It includes the Biz*Innovators Innovation Solution Center supporting rapid implementations serving in vertical and horizontal industry segments.

We excel in such areas as Quality Management, Risk Management, and Communications Management, all critical to a successful SAP-based initiative for full life cycle implementation.

Differentiation Strategies for the SAP practice

Our strategy—and overall competitive differentiator—for our SAP practice is focused on delivering Innovation to help clients improve their business performance.  We believe we differentiate ourselves along the lines of:


Teaming with our clients in achieving business outcomes


Innovative delivery models


Strategic alignment with SAP


Breakthrough industry solution toolkits


Size, independence and financial strength


Biz*Innovators Core value and values with cost-competitive strategies


Pioneering research programs and thought leadership


Comprehensive methodology, assets, tools and road-maps


Breadth and depth of capabilities


Alliance strategy and network of businesses approach

Research & Development, and Thought Leadership

We invest heavily in research and development, and thought leadership capabilities in an effort to articulate, extend and deepen our SAP and other enterprise visions and strategies.  These strategies directly support the achievement of our clients’ enterprise solution visions by driving measurable operational improvements and providing strong and flexible platforms for enabling continued growth.

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